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Quality Guidelines

Getting your pitch deck right matters. It’s as simple as that. Therefore it may be a good idea to review the section below.

Packaging matters. Period. So make sure your deck looks neat and that non-text elements are efficiently used to support the story-telling. Imagine yourself as a first-time consumer of your pitchdeck. How easy can you make it for someone to get your 1-2 key points at each slide. Make sure that page elements are aligned appropriately, font sizes and types are consistent, graphical elements are used as much as possible rather than text and efficiently supports the narrative.

If this is your first deck, start by searching for “awesome pitch decks” and get a feel for how something like that actually looks like. There are many great tools out there for building beautiful and effective decks, including web-based ones. For example Slidebean.


Organize your deck into sections (the “Sequoia Capital” format)

  1. Summary Case description.
  2. Problem What problem is your product/service solving?
  3. Solution How does your product/service solve the problem?
  4. Traction What key figures are currently growing, where are they in 12 months and why?
  5. Market What is the monetary potential of solving the Problem at scale and maturity?
  6. Competitive landscape What are key differentiating attributes and how do you position yourself?
  7. Business model Using e.g. the Lean Canvas or Business Model Canvas
  8. The Plan Outline the execution over time. Go-to-market and Product roadmap elements are often emphasized here.
  9. The Team What’s so special about you guys?
  10. The Deal Equity or convertibles? If equity, what’s the valuation? Is there liquidation preference? Have your made employee incentive reservations? What does the dilution schedule look like.

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